April 30, 20 - 10:29 am - LABS

A very different Children’s Day is being celebrated today in Mexico

Millions of Mexican children are celebrating their day in a different way today and staying at home, due to the social distancing and isolation to prevent covid-19 infections. This year there will be no festivals, piñatas or clowns in the schools. The fun must be had at home, mainly in virtual ways, through computers, tablets, cell phones or televisions, says Milenio

Unlike last year, the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism in Mexico City (Canacope) estimated that sales for Children’s Day fell by 95.5% due to COVID-19, reports NVI Noticias.

The chamber’s president, Eduardo Contreras, explained that due to the spread of the virus, sales of only MXP 21 million ($420,000) are expected for the day, which represents only 4.15% of what was generated last year. The steep fall is related to the tradition of Children’s Day in Mexico, where kids are taken to recreational centers, shopping malls, amusement parks, carnivals, public parks, cinemas and theaters to celebrate it. 

An empty carousel in the city of Progreso, Mexico. Photo: Shutterstock

Some businesses such as pastry shops, toy stores and electronics may perform better, covering 15% of their past year sales, mainly online.

Due to the health emergency, food consumption will be limited to prepared meals such as pizzas, hamburgers, fried chicken, sushi and cakes. There will also be minimal purchases of electronics and toys in physical stores.

Hardly affected service providers, according to Canacope, include cinemas, theaters, amusement parks, shopping centers, recreational centers and family fun places such as arcades, skating rings, and parks offering physical entertainment such as climbing walls or paintball among others.