September 22, 20 - 10:29 am - LABS

About 300,000 Brazilians left remote work in July, says survey

About 300,000 Brazilians left remote work in July, which reduced the percentage of Brazilians in home office from 12.7% to 11.7%, according to a survey by the Brazilian Institute for Applied Economic Research (Ipea, in Portuguese), reported Agência Brasil.

The survey shows that, in May, 63.7% of home office workers were white, a percentage that rose to 63.8% in June, and 64.5% in July. Thus, among the black and brown population, the percentage started at 34.3% in May, rose to 34.4% in June, and fell to 33.8% in July. If all of the potentials for teleworking in the country are considered, 58.3% of vacancies are occupied by whites and 41.7% by blacks.

In May, women were 53.6% of remote workers, according to Ipea. This share grew to 55.5% in June, and to 55.7% in July. Among the vacancies that could work remotely 58.5% are occupied by women, and 41.5%, by men.

The greatest disparities found by the survey, however, are in the levels of education and the difference between formal and informal work. Among the people who were in remote work in July, 84.1% occupied a formal position, and 73.5% had higher education.