September 16, 20 - 11:49 am - LABS

About 80% of Brazilians have resumed activities outside homes, shows research

Brazilians have resumed their activities outside their houses, according to a survey carried out by C6 Bank/Datafolha. Out of every ten Brazilians, eight (80%) went to street businesses and resumed leisure and beauty activities or used public transport, as reported O Globo.

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The survey was carried out between August 21 and 31 with 1,536 people. Learning to live with the virus, Brazilians are now walking a tightrope: 50% said they visited malls or street stores and 24% went to beauty salons or clinics and 21% were in restaurants or cafeterias while 16% went to parks or squares.

As harsh lockdowns were eased, retail is moving ahead vigorously and services – which depend heavily on personal contact between people – are still skating to recover. Although it increased 2.6% in July, it is still far from erasing the damage caused by the closings of bars, hotels, clubs etc. during the height of the country’s pandemic, says O Globo.

According to the research, the pandemic has also changed the habits of Brazilians in relation to public transport. Among respondents, 40% increased the use of alternative means to public transport that they were not in the habit of using before quarantine, such as bikes.