March 26, 20 - 4:22 pm - LABS

The airline industry in Mexico will lose almost 100,000 jobs due to COVID-19

According to Expansión magazine, the coronavirus outbreak will wipe out just over 96,000 jobs in the airline industry in Mexico and pose an indirect threat to more than 437,000 jobs, affected by a loss of $ 5.291 million in revenue for companies that operate in Mexico, warned the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

In a video conference call, Peter Cerdá, IATA Vice President for the Americas, said that the drop in revenue, in absolute numbers, would be the second largest in the region only behind Brazil, a market whose revenue would contract by $7.734 million.

However, in relative terms it would have a variation of 37% compared to 2019, the lowest of the countries analyzed.

As more countries restrict the coming and going of foreign and local passengers, the crisis worsens. Globally, revenue loss compared to 2019 could reach $251 billion.

According to IATA, the forecasted impact in Latin America Airline Industry is:

CountryLoss in revenue ($million)Variation 2019/2020Jobs to be lost