June 13, 20 - 2:43 pm - LABS

Almost a third of Colombians are planning to travel in 2020

Colombia’s Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies (Anato) conducted a survey to understand how tourists will act once measures against the Covid-19 spread are lifted in the country and elsewhere.

The study interviewed 6,000 Colombians and 29% of its respondents said they are planning to travel this year; 34% have not decided; and 37% will not travel.

“According to the study we carried out, tourists continue to trust travel agencies, as 51% assured that they would make their reservations with the advice of these companies, while 49% would make them on their own. The design of safety protocols, professionalism and customer support continue to be a decisive factor that gives them confidence,” said Paula Cortés Calle, executive president of Anato, as La Republica reported.

Also, 34% of those who are planning trips stated that they would travel with their partners; 25% will bring their families; and 11% friends. Plans are being made for September or later, a period people feel more confident about their safety.