July 24, 20 - 9:45 am - LABS

Almost half of the Brazilian families received government’s aid in June

Almost half (43%) of the Brazilian households received government’s aid in June. According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), about 29.4 million family units received some kind of government financial help amid the Covid-19 pandemic, reported O Globo.

Informal workers selling face masks. Photo: Shutterstock

Counting that at least one in the family is receiving the aid, about 49% of the Brazilian population was impacted. Among the 10% poorest in the country, the per capita household income assistance was BRL 271.92 ($51,96). Without government’s emergency aid, that amount drops to BRL 7.15 ($1,37).

In addition to the end of the government’s aid, in September, experts are concerned about the great number of unemployed people in the country in the coming months. The unemployment rate in Brazil increased from 10.7% to 12.4% in June, and almost half of the total number of people who are away from work were left unpaid last month.

However, in first week of July, IBGE says that the number of workers with job contracts suspended due to the pandemic dropped by two million. The newspaper O Estado de São Paulo reports that half of the employed people who were removed from work (8.3 million) have already returned to their jobs in July.

According to Valor Econômico, the unemployment scenario in Brazil is only getting worse. As lockdown is eased, more people tend to look for jobs in a market that now has fewer vacancies.