July 02, 20 - 2:35 pm - LABS

Americas region accounts for half of the 10 million cases of COVID-19 in the world; PAHO/WHO launches a new campaign

In the Americas region as a whole and in the world there are 5,2 million and 10.3 million cases, respectively, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

As of this Thursday, the five largest Latin American economies (Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, and Chile) have 2,137,321 confirmed cases, according to the health authorities in each country. Among the over 508,055 deaths due to the COVID-19 around the world, 101,652 were registered in these five countries.

Tests for Covid-19
Laboratory of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. Photo: Josue Damacena/Fiocruz Imagens

On Wednesday, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) launched a new donation portal to the COVID-19 Response Fund, as a way of mobilizing more resources for its work in the COVID-19 pandemic in the Americas.

In March 2020, PAHO launched a $95 million donor campaign to support and expand public health preparedness and response efforts in Latin America and the Caribbean by August 2020. However, it’s now estimated that $200 million are needed to properly support pandemic preparedness and response till December 2020. To date, PAHO has received $66.6 million in contributions and additional aid commitments.