May 02, 20 - 3:06 pm - LABS

Appetite for risk is drastically reduced among angel investors in Brazil

According to a survey by the organization Anjos do Brasil, 64% of angel investors said that their predisposition to invest in startups has decreased because of the pandemic, according to Valor Investe.

For the organization, over the next 18 months, entrepreneurs will find it difficult to raise this type of capital. Most survey respondents (51%) say that it will be more difficult from now on for companies to get investments with angels or with VC funds.

There is also less capital injection by investment funds, which are more skeptical and investing with tighter criteria. 

Ideally there would be special lines of financing and flexibility in taxes for entrepreneurs. And for investors, investment in startups should be deductible from income tax and there should also be a reduction in risks involved in direct investments

Cassio Spina, president of Anjos do Brasil.