August 14, 20 - 5:00 pm - Reuters

Argentina to maintain Buenos Aires lockdown

Argentina extended until Aug. 30 restrictions taken against the coronavirus, President Alberto Fernández said on Friday, affirming that the country’s lockdown would continue in its current form in an around capital city Buenos Aires.

The measures, which are more relaxed in less densely populated areas, had been scheduled to expire on Sunday.

Unidentified people with masks against covid19 in Bueno Aires
Unidentified people doing long lines to get food and get into banks in a city under quarantine in La Matanza, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: shu2260/Shutterstock

“The only medicine we have found so far is to limit the movement of people and the face-to-face meeting of people as much as possible,” Fernandez said.”The plan worked and it is working, but the risk always exists.”

Argentina has had 276,072 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 5,428 of which have been fatal. The country’s lockdown began on March 20.