March 27, 20 - 2:49 pm - LABS

Argentina closes borders to curb the pandemic’s advance

This Friday (27), the Argentine government closed all its borders until at least March 31 to curb coronavirus’ advance in the country. The information is from the international news agency AFP.

The new action comes as a reinforcement of measures adopted in mid-March when the government forbade the entry of non-resident foreigners into the country, but the arrival of Argentines and resident foreigners was still allowed. “The scope of the ban on entry into the national territory is expanded through ports, airports, international crossings, border centers”, the official text expressed, according to the agency.

Only those who are in transit checked in the last 48 hours will be able to enter the Argentine territory, specifies the rule that provides financial aid to Argentines who are held abroad. President Alberto Fernández has ordered almost complete mandatory confinement from Friday last week until March 31, a deadline that can be extended in the next few hours.

The new measures “are essential, reasonable and proportionate in relation to the threat and risk to health that the country faces”, according to the decree. The number of those infected with the pandemic in the country increased to 589 on Friday, with 12 deaths.