April 10, 20 - 2:33 pm - LABS

Number of e-commerce users grew 30% in Argentina

According to a report, 3 out of 10 Argentines are new e-commerce buyers, and 73% of them said they would do it again after their first experience. Faced with the closure of all Argentine stores and malls due to the total quarantine dictated by the country’s government, the number of online shoppers increased by 30%, according to a recent report prepared by the Insights division of the Kantar consultancy.

In turn, the proportion of people who use e-commerce platforms to source products increased from 44% to 61%.

The coronavirus crisis redefines priorities and there is no doubt that, once overcome, the purchasing habits of Argentines in terms of categories and channels will no longer be what they were. Brands have to understand and follow up close their consumers, but always based on their identity

Tomás Veitz, Account Director of the Insights Division of Kantar, to the Diario El Sol.