May 25, 20 - 2:31 pm - LABS

Argentina extends quarantine period, and lockdown in Buenos Aires area, until June 7th

The Argentine government published on Monday the extension of Decree No. 27, which instituted quarantine in the country from March 20, until June 7th. The document published today also details the measures announced, including an extension of the lockdown measures in the capital Buenos Aires. That’s the second extension of the isolation measures against COVID-19 in Argentina.

The Government stated that the measures implemented until now “have, so far, contained the epidemic, due to the gradual appearance and early detection of cases”, and that “the saturation of the health system has been avoided, unlike what happened in other parts of the world.”

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Likewise, there is a distinctive evolution of the pandemic in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, the Córdoba and Greater Córdoba area, and the Resistencia and Gran Resistencia area, compared to other jurisdictions throughout the country.

For this reason, while the interior of Argentina will maintain the flexibility of activities that allows the economy of these provinces to have recovered more than 80% of its capacity, the richest and economic engine of the country will have a tightening of restrictions due to the multiplication cases, especially in the slums of the Argentine capital.

In the last 15 days, 87.5% of the total confirmed cases were registered in the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires. Until Sunday, Argentina has 12,076 confirmed cases and 452 deaths due to the new coronavirus.