January 08, 21 - 12:11 pm - LABS

Argentina wants to buy 15 million doses of Sinopharm’s vaccine

The Argentine government is planning to send a flight to Beijing to bring the first shipment of the Chinese state-owned pharmaceutical company  Sinopharm vaccine in the last week of January.

The idea is to bring about 1 million doses of the vaccine in that first shipment but close a deal for a total of 15 million vaccines.

According to the Infobae, the country’s health surveillance agency ANMAT has already begun to receive vaccine trials and research for later approval. In Latin America, late-stage clinical trials of the vaccine are being conducted in Argentina and Peru. Three thousand people participate in the studies in Argentina in four centers, three vaccination centers, and the Fundación Hupedes, reported Infobae.

The Argentine Presidente Alberto Fernández. Photo: Twitter/Screenshot

In December, according to the BBC, Peru suspended trials for the Sinopharm vaccine due to a “serious adverse event” affecting a volunteer, but it has resumed testing later on. In September, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was the first country outside China to approve a Sinopharm vaccine’s emergency use, reported the Guardian.

So far, Sinopharm has not yet published any late-stage information about any of its vaccine.