January 20, 21 - 6:40 pm - LABS

Argentina’s health regulator approves Sputnik V for elderly

On Wednesday, Argentina’s health regulator ANMAT approved Russia’s coronavirus vaccine, Sputnik V, for people over 60. According to Reuters, a clinical report on the vaccine among the 60-plus age group was added to ANMAT and showed a 91.8% efficacy in people over 60.

Also, on Wednesday, Argentina’s president Alberto Fernández received the first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine. The president was vaccinated at the Posadas Hospital after stressing that his priority is to reach the majority of Argentines in the shortest possible time.

Last week, the neighbor Paraguay became the eighth country outside Russia to approve the Sputnik V vaccine, developed by Gamaleya Institute. Other countries to approve the emergency use of the vaccine include Bolivia, Venezuela, Algeria, and Serbia, according to Reuters.