August 06, 20 - 11:32 am - LABS

Brazilian airline Azul sees passenger traffic rise 40.7% in July over June

The Brazilian airline Azul recorded a 40.7% growth in passenger traffic in July over June. In comparison with the same month last year, there was a fall of 77.6%. In terms of capacity, the company registered a 33.3% growth compared to June, and a 75.7% decrease when compared to July last year.

The occupancy rate ended the month at 79.6%, an increase of 4.1 percentage points over June.

Passenger traffic on domestic flights grew 50.1% and capacity, 43%, in July compared to June. The occupancy rate went from 75.7% to 79.4%. On the international routes, passenger traffic fell 10.6% and the offer of flights decreased 18%. The occupancy rate grew 6.7 percentage points, to 81%.

Photo: Shutterstock