May 09, 20 - 3:27 pm - LABS

Big, medium and small tech companies already decided: their employees will be working from home for months to come

This Friday, following announcements by Facebook, Amazon, and Slack, Google said that the majority of its workforce is likely to work from home for months to come–actually until the end of the year.

As CNBC first reported, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai detailed the company’s plans to its employees in an internal memo. He said that if local guidelines at Silicon Valley and Seattle allow it, the company will start opening offices globally in June for some employees (10% to 15%).

Google’s chief executive officer, Sundar Pichai. Photo: Google.

A day before, Facebook said that its employees will be able to work from home until the end of 2020 if they decided to do so. Amazon and Slack, according to Forbes, made similar announcements in the past few weeks.

And that is not a unanimous decision only among big techs but among a vast majority of tech companies that already know that they can function well with everybody at home.

Startups in Latin America, including unicorns like Nubank and QuintoAndar, are taking the same path. In fact, even after the pandemic, in mid-2021 (or before that, let’s hope for it) tech companies all around the world are considering to maintain part of their staff at home.

In Brazil , nearly a half (43%) of the small and medium-sized companies bought software with remote work tools, according to a survey by Capterra, a platform for searching and comparing software from global consulting firm Gartner, reported the newspaper Valor Econômico last week.