April 24, 20 - 6:15 pm - LABS

Big retail players plan to resume operations in Brazil

Lojas Renner, a popular department store chain in the country announced that it will gradually resume operations as of this Friday in some of its Renner, Camicado, Youcom, and Ashua stores. “Decisions are analyzed individually, respecting local government decrees, following technical criteria on the extent of the pandemic in each municipality and ensuring the safety of people and business,” said the company in a statement according to Valor media outlet.

Another big department store in Brazil, Riachuelo, owned by Guararapes, has also stated this Friday that it decided to reopen physical stores. The company claimed it has made a “thorough analysis” of the national scenario regarding the pandemic and opted for the gradual reopening, following government decrees, and adopting preventive health measures. “As a way to guarantee the safety of people and business, the reopenings will be analyzed in isolation, respecting the limitation of each municipality,” Guararapes stated.

Arezzo & Co, women’s footwear, handbags, and accessories company, said in a statement that 106 chain stores, about 15% of the total, have already returned to operation. The firm has 44 own stores in the country and 699 franchisees in more than 250 cities over Brazil.

Grendene, world’s largest manufacturer of sandals, will partially resume operations at factories in the Ceará state, as of April 27. According to the company, the resumption will be partial, with a 70% reduction in working hours and wages.