October 15, 20 - 5:43 pm - LABS

Bogotá will open 19 public schools next week as a way to test a possible reopening of all schools

With the gradual reopening of different sectors of the country, schools have been in limbo about this decision. To shed some light on this process, the Ministry of Education announced that between October 19 and 26, a pilot test will be carried out in 19 official schools in Bogotá will reopen, adopting different protocols.

Edna Bonilla, Education Secretary, told La República that “this will be done with institutions in the towns of Kennedy, Santafé, Ciudad Bolívar, Bosa, Rafael Uribe, Puente Aranda, San Cristóbal and Usme”.

To carry out this pilot, a survey with parents was carried out: 7.5% of the parents agree with resuming classes in person this year, while 92.5% said that they prefer this to happen in 2021. However, 42.5% of the children consulted said that they want to return to school this year, while 37.5% prefer to do this in 2021.