March 29, 21 - 10:11 am - LABS

Brazil accounts for one in every 7 COVID-19 infections reported worldwide each day

Brazil leads the world in the daily average number of new infections reported, accounting for one in every 7 infections reported worldwide each day. Data comes from Reuters COVID-19 Global Tracker.

Brazil is reporting the most new infections each day, 77,129, followed by the US with 61,636. Latin America’s largest country is also the one reporting the most deaths each day, 2,543, followed by the US with 998 (yet, with an average decreasing over last 2 weeks), and Mexico, with 512 deaths per day.

Reuters also tracks if infections are trending up or down relative to the size of the outbreak in each country. It uses a rolling 7-day average of the new infections countries report each day and compare where that average is now to where it was at its peak.

According to Reuters Global COVID-19 tracker, Brazil and Uruguay are at their peak now. Paraguay is at 94% of peak and Peru at 99% of its peak.

The percent of that peak a country currently reports gives a better idea of how far it is from containing the spread of the virus relative to the worst days of its outbreak, according to Reuters.