January 26, 21 - 10:11 am - LABS

Brazil bans South Africa flights and keep travel restrictions

Brazil’s government published a decree on Tuesday that bans South Africa flights to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus variant. Travelers from the UK remain barred from entering in Brazil.

Brazil is temporarily barring international flights that both came from or pass through these two countries.

These travel bans don’t apply to foreigners from other countries as long as they prove through the RT-PCR test that they do not carry COVID-19. The test must have been taken 72 hours before departure.

Coronavirus infectious variants that are spreading in Brazil and South Africa could be even more dangerous than the variant found in the UK, reported The Wall Street Journal.

The new decree maintains road travel restrictions with Brazil. However, the policy has multiple exceptions: Brazilians can return home and a foreigner who has been working for the Brazilian government or has family in Brazil can entry in Latin America’s largest country, besides those who work with cargo transportation. It doesn’t apply to Venezuelans, though. Paraguayans can also access Brazil through the land border.