March 27, 21 - 5:06 pm - LABS

Brazil breaks another daily record; Mexico surpasses 200,000 deaths

Mexico has surpassed 200,000 deaths caused by COVID-19. It became the 3rd country worldwide to reach this sad mark, after the US and Brazil. US still leads in number of cases and deaths. Yet, Brazil has broke another record: more than 3,600 deaths in 24 hours. It is the country that has most new cases and deaths worldwide, reaching almost daily records.

Vaccines in Latin America

On Saturday Mexico received 65,000 doses of Chinese vaccine CanSino against COVID-19. Colombia is applying more than 100,000 shots per day. Brazil has already vaccinated 14,8 million people and the new Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga said that with national productions, such as ButanVac and and Versamune the country will be able to vaccinate 2 million people per day, according to CNN.