February 26, 21 - 4:35 pm - LABS

Brazil breaks record of deaths by COVID-19 in a single day

After a year since the first case of COVID-19 in Brazil, the numbers of the pandemic have grown again. The country lived on Thursday the most lethal day of the entire pandemic, with 1,582 deaths in 24 hours, according to a survey by the consortium of media outlets with the state health departments. The total number of victims so far is 251,661, with a seven-day moving average of 1,150, also the highest since the beginning of the pandemic.

Last year, Brazil took five months to register 2.5 million cases. This year, in less than 2 months it has already been achieved. According to Fiocruz Institute, 17 from 27 state capitals in the country have ICU occupancy rates above 80% in the public health system. According to the institute, it is the worst scenario ever observed in the country.

As the number of cases continues to increase rapidly, in the South, Northeast, and Midwest regions of Brazil restrictions, such as lockdowns, have been implemented to try to contain the advance of COVID-19.