October 04, 20 - 11:11 am - LABS

Brazil passes 146,000 deaths from coronavirus

According to the consortium of media outlets in Brazil, the country recorded 594 deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours, making the cumulative number of deaths from the disease in the country exceeding 146,000.

On Saturday, also according to the consortium, 23,626 new cases were registered.

Despite the sad milestone, the consortium’s data also points to a drop in the moving average of new cases and deaths in recent weeks.

The moving average of deaths in Brazil in the last 7 days was 653, a variation of -13% compared to data recorded in 14 days. It is the 11th day in a row with this average below 700.

The consortium is formed by G1, O Globo, Extra, O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo e UOL.

Tests for Covid-19
Laboratory of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. Photo: Josue Damacena/Fiocruz Imagens