June 24, 20 - 4:44 pm - LABS

Brazil counts over 52,600 deaths by Covid-19 and São Paulo has daily record

Brazil reached 52,645 deaths by Covid-19. According to the Brazilian Ministry of Health latest report, 1,374 deaths were confirmed within 24 hours. It registers 1,145,906 people infected by the virus in the country, 39,436 of which were confirmed over the previous 24 hours, as Valor Econômico reported.

São Paulo is the most affected state with 229,475 confirmed cases and 13,068 deaths, 434 in a single day. The mortality rate, however, is higher in Rio de Janeiro, where there are 100,869 patients and 9,153 deaths, and in Pernambuco, which has 52,831 cases and 4,339 deaths.