July 17, 20 - 1:49 pm - LABS

Brazil has more than 2 million cases of COVID-19

Yesterday, Brazil surpassed 2 million cases of contamination by the new coronavirus. As of this Friday, the country has 2,021,834 confirmed cases, and 76,997 deaths, according to G1. In the last 24 hours, the country registered 1,299 deaths.

As a result, the moving average of new daily deaths in Brazil in the last 7 days was 1,081, a variation of 6% if compared to the past 14 days. It is the highest moving average of the pandemic for the fourth day in a row.

The “7-day moving average” calculates the number of deaths between the current day and the previous six days and is compared to the average of the last 14 days to indicate whether there is an upward trend, stability or decline in the number of deaths due to COVID -19.