June 12, 20 - 6:20 pm - LABS

Brazil already counts more than 40,000 deaths by COVID-19

Brazil, the epicenter of the new coronavirus pandemic in Latin America, has reported 30,412 new cases on Thursday.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, the country accumulated 809,398 COVID-19 confirmed cases, the second-highest number after the United States, and 41,162 deaths due to the disease, according to data from the state health departments assembled by a consortium of some of the largest media outlets in the country.

Malls and street stores have reopened in the country’s two largest cities on Thursday. Experts fear that, as a result, a new surge in the number of cases will happen in the coming weeks.

Molecular diagnosis kit for coronavirus
Molecular diagnosis kit for coronavirus from Bio-Manguinhos / Fiocruz. Photo: Bernardo Portela/Fiocruz Imagens