November 23, 20 - 4:12 pm - LABS

Brazil restricts foreigners from entering in the country through land and water borders up to December

Brazil’s government extended the restriction on the entry of foreigners into the country for another 30 days, reported UOL. It blocks the entry through land and water borders and aims to prevent COVID-19 contagion as a second wave surges. The rule was published in Brazil’s government journal on November 12.

The rule does not block the entry of foreigners by air, as long as they meet “migratory requirements appropriate to their condition”, as seen in the country. It is also allowed to enter through land borders from Paraguay.

The restriction does not apply in cases of native Brazilians or naturalized immigrants with fixed residence in the country, professionals at the service of foreign international organizations accredited with the Brazilian government, spouse, partner, son, father or legal guardian for any Brazilian, travel public interest or carried out for humanitarian matters and cargo transportation.