August 14, 21 - 3:53 pm - LABS

Brazil surpasses the U.S. in the percentage of adults with at least one COVID vaccine

Until Friday, 73% of Brazilian adults (117.5 million) have received at least one dose of vaccine against COVID-19, according to the consortium of news outlets that gather data directly from the state health secretariats. The number of fully vaccinated adults, however, remains much lower (30,5%, or 49 million).

At the same time, CDCP’s numbers show that the United States has now 167.7 million adults (or 59% of the total) with at least one shot of vaccine against the disease.

The Latin American country has a greater tradition when it comes to vaccination. Even with the denial stance of its president, Jair Bolsonaro, 94% of Brazilians have already been vaccinated or want to be vaccinated, according to a survey by DataFolha carried out last month.