January 18, 21 - 9:09 am - LABS

Brazil to begin vaccination in the whole country on Monday afternoon

Brazil’s Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello said, in a meeting with Brazilian governors early Monday, that vaccination against COVID-19 in the country will begin today at 5 pm. Brazil’s immunization plan was anticipated from Wednesday to Monday.

On Sunday, Brazil’s health regulator approved emergency use from both Coronavac (Sinovac and Sao Paulo’s Butantan Institute vaccine) and AstraZeneca’s vaccine. As the vaccine was approved, Sao Paulo’s governor Joao Doria, political rival of President Jair Bolsonaro, rushed to had its first vaccinated out of trials on Sunday, Monica Calazans, a 54-year-old nurse in Sao Paulo. So far, Sao Paulo already vaccinated over 100 people.

National immunization will begin with Coronavac’s shots, since Brazil couldn’t bring AstraZeneca’s vaccines from Serum’s Institute in India yet due to political arrangements. However, Pazuello said he expects the arrival of over 2 million doses of Astrazeneca’s jabs this week.