November 29, 20 - 3:47 pm - LABS

A hard truth: Brazil’s health ministry says there won’t be a vaccine for everyone

Last Friday, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that it does not have a plan to vaccinate the entire Brazilian population against COVID-19 in 2021.

The federal government explains that there is difficulty producing and distributing large quantities of immunizers worldwide, not only in Brazil. The Ministry of Health also stressed, in a note, something that scientists and WHO itself have already say: the laboratories have not yet tested the vaccines under development in some specific groups, such as children and pregnant women. Therefore, these groups should not receive a vaccine anytime soon.

“The fact that certain groups of the population will not be immunized does not mean that they will not be safe because other groups that live with those will be immunized and thus will not be able to be contaminated with the disease. That is why we do not vaccinate the entire population, for example, against influenza,” explained Elcio Franco, executive secretary of the Ministry of Health.