August 05, 20 - 12:58 pm - LABS

Brazilian airline Gol records demand growth in July

The Brazilian airline Gol ended July with a demand for flights 114% higher than in June. On a year-over-year comparison, however, demand for the airline’s flights fell 80.2%. The total demand is measured by the transported passenger-kilometer ratio (RPK, or revenue passenger kilometer). The information is from Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico.

The seat offer, measured by the offered seat-kilometer ratio (ASK, or available seat kilometer), also increased in July over June, reaching 117% growth during the past month, but dropping 78.5% if compared to July 2019. The aircraft occupancy rate was 78.1%.

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During July, the company increased its route network to more than 200 daily flights, meeting the increased demand for domestic flights at the Brazilian airports of Galeão (Rio de Janeiro), Brasília, Congonhas (São Paulo), Santos Dumont (Rio de Janeiro), Navegantes (Santa Catarina) and Foz do Iguaçu (Paraná). Gol didn’t operate regular international flights in July.