December 18, 20 - 6:51 pm - LABS

Brazilian airports will register 41% less movement this year-end

The Brazilian Airport Infrastructure Company (Infraero), administrator of 48 Brazilian airports, including Congonhas, in São Paulo, and Santos Dumont, in Rio de Janeiro, estimates that the number of people passing by airports during the holidays will be 41% lower than a year ago. The information is from Agência Brasil.

According to Infraero, the 32 airports with scheduled commercial flights that are under its responsibility will receive 1.91 million passengers, between this Friday, December 18 and January 4th. During the last year holidays, 3.27 million users passed through airports managed by Infraero, which account for about 30% of passenger movements in the country.

The forecast is that, in the same period, there will be 16.4 thousand landings and takeoffs – a number 40% lower than that registered a year ago. The busiest days should occur between December 21 and 23 and December 4 January, when many people will return from holidays.