June 09, 20 - 11:59 am - LABS

Brazilian app that works as a sales hub for pharmacies reports huge growth in mobile transactions

The Farmácias App, a Brazilian platform that works as a sales hub for thousands of Brazilian pharmacies, is reporting that its mobile transactions grew by 938% from March to May in comparison to January to March, according to Mobile Time.

The startup has been accumulating high numbers amid the quarantine period due to the pandemic. According to Mobile Time, from March 18 to May 26, in comparison to January 1 to March 17, the app revenue increased by 662% and the number of users grew by 825%. The average ticket in apps, however, decreased by 27%, indicating that there is a higher frequency of orders of lesser value.

Some pharmacy items recorded above-average growth due to the pandemic. Antimalarial drugs, including hydroxychloroquine, had a 230% increase in sales in April of this year compared to the same month of 2019 in the Farmácias App. The category of antiseptics, which includes hand sanitizer, registered a 456% growth in sales.