July 08, 20 - 11:20 am - LABS

Brazilian classes C and D decrease consumption in quarantine by 12%

Brazilian classes C and D are consuming 12% less during the social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to a survey carried out by Superdigital, a Brazilian fintech, and reported by Valor Investe. It also shows that these groups – lower-middle-class – are going through changes in some expenses, mainly delivery, transport, restaurants, fuel and hotels.

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The survey divided purchases into three periods: February 15 to March 15 (30 days before quarantine); March 16 to April 15 (first 30 days of quarantine); and April 16 to May 15 (second month of quarantine). Taking the first period, before social isolation, as a basis for comparison, the research shows that both in the first and the second quarantine months the expenses of these classes with restaurants, transport, fuel and hotels plummeted. On the other hand, these Brazilians increased their purchases in supermarkets and online stores, as well as in delivery apps.

When comparing the first and second periods, customers of classes C and D spent 33% less on restaurants, 37% less on transportation, 28% less on fuel and 74% less on accommodation. On the other hand, spent on e-commerce grew 60%.

The analysis regarding spending on apps in the second month of isolation, there was a significant increase in consumption in delivery apps (173%), e-commerce in general (278%) and streaming (41%). Spending on transportation apps fell 48%.