April 03, 20 - 4:42 pm - LABS

Brazilian consumers sought more cash and carry stores to buy basic items

A cash & carry warehouse. Photo: Shutterstock

Brazilians have made more use of cash and carry chains – a segment that combine retail and wholesale characteristics and which is called “atacarejo” in Brazil –, to shop during the crisis caused by COVID-19, according to a Kantar survey whose results were published in Valor Econômico.

35% of Brazilian households

bought in cash and carry stores in the first quarter of 2020, an increase of 4 percentage points compared to the same interval last year.

In total numbers, 2.2 million new households started to buy basic items in cash and carry.

Kantar’s research showed significant changes in the purchasing behavior of Brazilian consumers from January to March. Elen Wedemann, director of Kantar, noted that 78% of Brazilians reported that they only leave home for what is necessary, such as buying groceries, 71% stopped going to parks, shopping centers and other leisure places.