June 22, 20 - 9:47 am - LABS

Brazilian corporate workers expect a wave of investments in technology

A survey by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC) shows that, despite the fear of negative effects brought by Covid-19, there is a significant portion of executives and employees who anticipate a wave of investments in technology and evolution of processes that would take years to happen under normal circumstances, according to Valor Econômico.

Among respondents, 66% expect negative effects on their organizations. However, 34% of them said the pandemic will accelerate the adoption of tools that will bring gains in organizational efficiency, improved technology infrastructure and new ways of working, such as remote offices.

The adoption was home offices was greatly accelerated by the pandemic. Photo:

Almost 98% of respondents said that there were changes in their work routine. The most common of them, mentioned by 40.5% of them, was the adoption of home office, followed by the adoption of reduced working hours, early vacations, time-off or relaying schedules.

For the survey, 519 corporate workers in Brazil were interviewed – 33% of them in management and executive positions – from companies in different sectors, most of them (41%) of large size.