September 09, 20 - 2:39 pm - LABS

Brazilian Dasa to provide vaccine clinical trials with American Covaxx, says Brazil Journal

Brazil-based medical diagnostics company Dasa has just announced a partnership with Covaxx, the American biotech company developing a vaccine against COVID-19, to carry out phase 2 and 3 clinical trials in Brazil, reports Brazil Journal.

With the Brazilian health group Mafra, Dasa will donate BRL 15 million to carry out the tests. Another BRL 15 million will be donated by MRV, the largest Brazilian homebuilder and real estate company, Localiza Hertz, the largest car rental in Latin America and the neobank Banco Inter.

The phase 2 clinical study may take place in the coming months and will involve more than 3,000 volunteers in Brazil, reports Brazil Journal. At the present moment, Covaxx is finalizing the phase 1 clinical trial with 60 patients in Taiwan. The expectation is that the results will be ready in November and that Dasa will start recruiting volunteers for phase 2 by the end of this year.