January 12, 21 - 11:09 am - LABS

Brazilian government decides to use a single syringe model for vaccination against Covid-19; there is a risk of shortage

The Brazilian Ministry of Health decided to use only a single model of syringe for vaccination against Covid-19. The hospital supplies industry warns that this technical restriction limits the national production capacity to 1.5 million syringes per day, due to the need for adjustments in the production line. This can mean shortages and losses to the immunization campaign in Brazilian states.

As reported by Valor Econômico, the daily capacity of the four Brazilian factories that produce this supply can reach 2 million syringes – if the four models already provided for in previous vaccination campaigns by the National Immunization Plan are produced. But, with the restriction to a single model – the 3 ml syringe – this capacity can drop to just 500 thousand syringes per day.

About the reason for the restriction, Brazil’s Ministry of Health stated to LABS that “the Ministry of Health and the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Medical and Dental Equipment (Abimo, in Portuguese) established understandings in order to supply the vaccination actions against Covid without any prejudice for the national industry.”