June 10, 20 - 10:49 am - LABS

Brazilian government to extend emergency aid for two more months

The Brazilian government will extend the emergency aid program to alleviate COVID-19 effects in the country. The plan was confirmed on Tuesday by the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, who promised to extend the emergency aid paid to informal and self-employed workers for two more months in the midst of the pandemic.

According to Folha de S.Paulo, Guedes informed that the government will pay the emergency aid for another 60 days, but with a reduction in the monthly installment, from BRL 600 to BRL 300. The first installment of the aid was paid in April and the initial forecast was that it would last for three months.

Guedes also said that the government wants to change the name of Bolsa Família, the main income program in the country, to Renda Brasil, a new minimum income project with an increase in the number of people served. The idea of ​​Renda Brasil is to replace Bolsa Família and to be more comprehensive, including a portion of 38 million Brazilians who are not assisted by the government but have been identified through the emergency aid program.