March 31, 21 - 6:04 pm - LABS

Brazilian health regulator Anvisa approves emergency use of Janssen vaccine against COVID-19

Brazilian health regulator Anvisa unanimously approved on Wednesday (31) the emergency use of the vaccine against COVID-19 produced by Janssen, the Johnson & Johnson‘s pharmaceutical. This is the only COVID-19 vaccine given in a single dose.

There is no provision for partnerships for national production, which means that all doses will be imported.

The Ministry of Health purchased 38 million doses, with deliveries expected to take place in the third and fourth quarters. The cost of each dose to the Federal Government will be $ 10.

The Janssen vaccine, which has already been approved for emergency use by the United States and the World Health Organization, is 66% effective against moderate and severe cases and 76% only in severe cases.

With the approval of the Janssen vaccine, Brazil already has five approved vaccines – Pfizer / BioNTech and AstraZeneca / Oxford (final use), CoronaVac, Janssen and Covishield (emergency use).