May 20, 20 - 10:38 am - LABS

Brazilian largest city promotes mega-holiday in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19

An annoying and historic obstacle for businessmen, the holidays became a strategy against the new coronavirus in the epicenter of the disease in Brazil. The largest city in Latin America, São Paulo, has a mega-holiday starting today as an unusual idea to prevent the spread of the virus.

The mega-holiday anticipates the Corpus Christi holiday (June 11th) and Black Awareness Day (November 20th) for this Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. On Friday, it is optional to go to work.

The aim is to reduce the circulation of people on the streets to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, since the city has more than 3,000 deaths caused by COVID-19. The early holiday in São Paulo is yet another action tested in the pandemic to avoid mandatory lockdown. After the extended rotation of vehicles didn’t work, the city changed the dates of the holidays to try to keep people at home since Labour Day (May 1st) registered a great isolation index in the city.

The mega holiday ends on Sunday (24). According to the mayor of São Paulo, Bruno Covas, the anticipation of holidays aims to keep the index of social isolation in the city above 55%.