April 09, 20 - 12:05 pm - LABS

Brazilian retail registers uneven drop in revenues across different segments

Since physical stores are closed across Brazil due to isolation measures to fight the spread of coronavirus, retail sales have dropped 24.7% from March to April 6, according to a survey carried out by the accreditor Cielo and obtained by Exame. The greatest impact was felt in the fourth week of March (-52.3%) and the first week of April (-43.9%).

However, the second week of this month shows a slight recovery, since the drop has cooled to 43.1%. The most impacted sector was services, with -50.8% in revenue. This segment includes tourism and transportation companies (-63.4%), bars and restaurants (-43.4%), automotive services and auto parts (-27%). In the case of durable goods – which include items such as clothing (-50.1%), construction materials (-19%) and furniture, appliances and department stores (-39.7%) – the decline was less pronounced, -39.9%.

Supermarket store. Photo: Shutterstock

On the other hand, pharmacies, supermarkets have seen their numbers rise 1.7%. Supermarkets had a growth 17.4% and pharmacies increased 4.4%. Gas stations decreased revenues by 24.1%.