August 12, 20 - 6:51 pm - Reuters

Brazilian state signed a memorandum of understanding for the production of Moscow’s vaccine

A Brazilian technology institute said on Wednesday it expects to produce a controversial coronavirus Russian vaccine by the second half of 2021, shortly after the state of Parana signed a memorandum of understanding with Moscow.

Paraná’s Technology Institute, known as Tecpar, said it may import the vaccine earlier than the production date if Brazil’s federal health regulator Anvisa approves the vaccine. Tecpar signed the cooperation agreement with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).

At a press conference, Tecpar Director Jorge Callado said they were still waiting for Russia to send in its phase 1 and 2 vaccine test results, and that their understanding is they are still conducting phase 3 trials. He added that Parana would likely participate in the phase 3 testing, subject to Anvisa authorization.

Russia has touted it as the world’s first registered coronavirus vaccine, although experts have also raised safety concerns for going to market while other pharmaceutical companies are still carrying out mass testing.

Brazil has the world’s worse coronavirus outbreak after the United States, with over 3 million confirmed cases and 100,000 deaths, making it a global hub for testing coronavirus vaccines, including British and Chinese candidates.