May 07, 20 - 2:55 pm - LABS

Brazilians already register a loss of income due to COVID-19

Brazilians are already registering a loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacts in their countries. In Brazil, a survey by CNI (the acronym in Portuguese for National Confederation of Industry) shows that 40% of Brazilians have already lost part or all of their income due to the pandemic, reported the newspaper Valor Econômico.

The survey shows that the loss of purchasing power has reached four out of ten Brazilians since the beginning of the pandemic. Of the total respondents, 23% lost their income totally and 17% had a reduction in their monthly gain, reaching 40% of Brazilians that had incomes affected by COVID-19 crisis.


of the survey’s respondents lost their income totally

Almost half of the workers in Brazil (48%) are very afraid of losing their jobs. In general, nine out of ten respondents consider the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the Brazilian economy to be large.

Also, three out of four Brazilians, reduced their spending. Only 23% of respondents didn’t reduce their purchases at all, in comparison with the habit before the pandemic period. According to the research, there’s also a trend indicating Brazilians aren’t willing to return to the same level of purchases that they used to do before the coronavirus crisis.