April 03, 20 - 5:45 pm - LABS

Brazilians are donating on digital platforms amid the coronavirus crisis

Donations in Brazil represent 0.2% of its GDP, according to a recent statement of XP’s CEO Guilherme Benchimol. But this scenario is starting to change as companies are raising money and food for families in a vulnerable situation across the country.

Isolation measures to prevent the coronavirus hit harder on poor people. Even though the government has announced a financial aid of BRL 600 (about $112,81) to informal workers, many people will have trouble getting food during the quarantine, when half of the Brazilian population is at home (according to data from InLoco). Because of this, some companies are on a task force to collect food, such as Rappi, Gerando Falcões, Alelo, Ticket, iFood and James.