April 14, 21 - 12:28 pm - LABS

Brazil’s federal government announces an extra batch of vaccines from Pfizer and calls on Brazilians to take the second dose of the vaccine

Brazilian health minister Marcelo Queiroga announced on Wednesday, 14, that the federal government had purchased an extra batch of 2 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

According to Queiroga, Brazil may receive 15.5 million doses of Pfizer by June. The first doses are expected in April, but the exact amount has not been reported by the government.

In March, the federal government had announced the purchase of 13.5 million vaccines from Pfizer. The contract with the pharmaceutical company was signed after several mishaps. In March, the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper revealed that the government rejected, last year, an offer from Pfizer of 70 million doses by December 2021.

1.5 million Brazilians did not return to take the second dose of the vaccine

About 1.5 million Brazilians who received the first dose of the CoronaVac and AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccines did not return to the vaccination posts to receive the second dose, necessary for complete protection.

Therefore, Queiroga made an appeal for these people to come to the health units to receive the vaccination booster, even those who have already missed the deadline set on the vaccination card.