March 27, 20 - 11:53 am - LABS

Brazil’s Ministry of Health partners with WhatsApp and launches new information channel on COVID-19

Brazil’s Ministry of Health announced this Thursday, 26, a partnership with WhatsApp seeking to answer questions about coronavirus. The new channel will focus on guidance on the disease, treatment and a service protocol for health center professionals, through a bot that will receive these questions. The robot’s programming includes recommendations on how to behave in case of suspicious cases, forms of contamination, prevention, Ministry actions and demystification of rumors regarding the virus.

“In difficult times like this, people use WhatsApp more than ever to connect and support their friends, family, and communities. We are pleased to be able to provide the Ministry of Health with communication tools to help them answer citizens’ questions about the virus with reliable and timely health advice to keep people safe,” WhatsApp Operations Director Matt Idema commented.

Brazilian Ministry of Health post on Twitter. Image: Brazilian Ministry of Health Twitter’s account

“This tool will allow citizens to have another immediate contact with the official guidelines and truthful information, directly from the source, avoiding mistakes in a moment of extreme caution”, Brazil’s Minister of Health, Luiz Henrique Mandetta, stated in an official note.