June 06, 21 - 7:34 pm - LABS

Brazil’s pharmaceutical firm Uniao Quimica to produce new COVID-19 vaccine with Russian Geropharma: Valor

Brazilian pharmaceutical firm Uniao Quimica closed a technical cooperation agreement with the Russian lab Geropharma for the production of a new vaccine against COVID-19, EpiVacCorona, first reported Valor Econômico.

According to Fernando De Castro Marques, CEO of Uniao Quimica, for the vaccine, the company intends to start with the import, and then transfer of technology. According to Valor, the next step would be to articulate the regulatory part with Brazil‘s health regulator to bring the immunizing agent to the Brazilian market. EpiVacCorona is used in Russia and some Latin American countries, according to the CEO.

Uniao Quimica already has a partnership with the Gamaleya Institute of Russia for the production of Sputnik V.