April 16, 20 - 12:52 pm - LABS

Buenos Aires government partners with digital wallet TodoPago to enable payments

In Argentina, Buenos Aires city government closed an agreement with the digital wallet TodoPago, to allow different procedures to be paid in a seamless way. This virtual wallet joins the existing payment channels on the local government’s payments portal, such as credit cards, debit cards, and others.

In times of social distancing, this new payment channel will now enable residents of the city to virtually pay for driver’s licenses, traffic offenses (voluntary payment), birth certificates, business authorizations, and building permits, among other non-tax procedures.

“The resident just has to register in the app, associating their cards with the virtual wallet. Then, at the time of payment, they only need to log in with their username and password and choose the payment method,” said the Deputy Director-General from the Treasury, Gisella Furiati, according to Canal Ar.