November 16, 20 - 9:39 am - LABS

Chile and Cuba to receive tourists from all over the world

With the summer arrival in the Southern Hemisphere, countries are reopening their borders to receive tourists again, as reported by O Globo. Last week, Chile and Cuba announced the reopening.

Chile decided to open borders for international flights, from any destination, starting in December. Visitors must submit a negative COVID-19 test, done up to 72 hours before the departure.

Cuba began to receive foreigners on Sunday with the reopening of Havana International Airport.

The Cuban government will test all international travelers on arrival and charge a health fee to cover the extra costs of new hygiene protocols. Tourists will have to continue with preventive measures during their stay, such as social distance and wearing masks.

Last month Argentina also opened its borders, but only to neighboring countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. The country demands that tourists present a negative test for COVID-19 and, for the time being, circulate only in the capital, Buenos Aires.

(Updated at 10:40 am to correct error: Both South Africa, Nelson Mandela’s country is receiving tourists and the Caribbean country Cuba as well)